Welcome to the

Calgary West Soccer Centre

The indoor soccer season has commenced

Calgary West Soccer Centre Rules

Did you know the Calgary West Soccer Centre is a FIFA QUALITY PRO surface?

A FIFA QUALITY PRO endorsement ensures the highest quality surface for playing performance and the facility must pass a yearly inspection to maintain it’s FIFA certification.

To keep this facility certified, please remember:

  • NO FOOD OR DRINK is permitted inside the bubble. This includes coffee, sport drinks, sunflower seeds, chewing gum and tobacco products. This includes purchases from the ML Snack House.
  • ONLY water is permitted inside the bubble.
  • NO OUTSIDE, WET OR MUDDY SHOES inside the bubble.
  • NO LAWN CHAIRS – lawn chairs will damage the turf and are not permitted inside the bubble.

Unauthorized raffle or lottery sales are not allowed

For the enjoyment of all, excessive noise makers are not allowed in the facility

(horns/drums/cow bells etc)